Be more productive with Forest app

An helpful guide on how to be more productive using Forest app on your phone. A short review of the app and how to use it in your work and for your personal daily life.

I think this is one of the most crucial question that a person can wonder to himself or herself: “How can I be more productive?”  This is the question that I have heard several times, that I have asked to myself multiple times, and I still ask to myself again, again and again… Yes, it is never enough and I think there is always a possibility to improve our productivity time. Not easy to do but not impossible, especially if you have an additional help, and in this case the help that I have had it is a very beautiful and useful app: Forest.

But what is Forest? Why can this app help me to be more productive?

Forest is an app that helps you to focus in your daily life by planting a virtual tree. In few words when you want to be focused for a specific task, you take your phone, you open the app, you select the time  you want to be focused and then you start to plant your virtual tree. The tree will grow in the following time you selected. If you will try to use your phone and close the app, the plant will die.


It seems nice right? Yes it is, I very like it! I use this app every single day and honestly I use it while I work for my projects. I use it not only to be more productive but also because it tracks the time. So at the end of a single project I can see how much time I have dedicated on it. It can be a double utility because you can assign a tag category for every tree you plant and then you can easily check the time you spent for that specific activity, project, client,…

What else?

Forest app also offers you to plant different type of trees, but to have more trees you will have to unlock them. How? Just be more productive and focus on your work. For every tree you plant you will earn some virtual coins which you will be able to spend to unlock the trees. There is also another important feature that you can do with the coins, you can plant a real forest! Yes, a real forest with real trees! Staying focused will help the nature as well, you will contribute to implement the forests all over the world.


Based on my experience this gamified timer app is very useful. It keeps you away from your phone, that is a potential distraction for your projects, works, studies, free time,… It can track your activities or the time you are spending for a single project. I think that Forest app is a must have resource. Since the app is very helpful for me, maybe can be helpful for you as well and I am sure that you will love it.

I personally use this app only for my business projects, it helped and still helps me to be more productive and to track my clients’projects. I can have the statistics of how many hours I have worked in a single day, week, month and year.

How to have this app?

The app is available both in Apple Store and Google Play

Forest app is not for free, but it worth to buy it (less than 1€), as the price is very ridiculous. For Apple devices you will have to purchase in advance. For Android devices you can download for free but it contains add, so you will have to pay in order to remove it. However if you do not want to use the app on your phone or tablet (not recommended), you can use the Chrome extension to the browser.

I hope that this article has been useful for you. If you have a question, you want to share your experience, or you have a different view on how to be more productive you can leave a comment below.