Why you need a website for your business

A short resume of the most important reasons of why you need a website for your business. It doesn’t matter the size of your company. It matters that in the digital age if you want to promote your brand, you must have a website. There are multiple aspects tha you have to be aware, even if you have a small local  business. In this article I have listed what I consider the most important reasons and benefits of having a corporate website.

Company’s credibility and trust

I think this point should stay above all. Consumers expect companies to have an online presence (not only social media) and a company who does not have a website is considered less professional. The website is one of the main marketing asset because we live in a digital age, people do many online searches.

Attract new customers

I read in many articles that around 80% of the people use internet to find local services and products. Even for a small local business having a website will help to be ranked in the Google searches. Potential customers can discover what services or products you offer, find information, compare searches,… Be where your potential customers are and be sure to answer their basic questions.

You can be reachable from everywhere

Everyone can know about you, can get in touch with you and can even purchase something from you. The web has no limits, and your website can be visited from every corner of the World. If you can serve customers globally you will be able to expand your business in long and large.

Instant communication

With a website you have the ability to communicate instantly because your customers can easily contact you and ask for information about your services or products. Therefore having an active website can increase the chances to be contacted. Also, the customers can find all the information they need, to answer their basic question. This will save time even for you, because you will not have to reply to emails or answer to the calls, as the customers already found what they want to know before proceeding.

Know your customer

You have the ability to view and track who is visiting your website, who makes a purchase, from where, and so on. The data collected are a valuable information for your business as you can better target your potential customers. The most famous and free tool is Google Analytics.

It never close

This is one more important point of why you need a website for your business. Unlike a physical shop, a website doesn’t have working hours. It means that people can visit  you at any time of the day and night, especially if you have an e-commerce and you sell your products online. What can be better than sell something while you do other things? Passive incomes are probably the best sources.

These are the main and most valuable reasons to understand how a website is important for your business. As you can see it would be difficult today to be in the market and be competitive without a website. If you want to generate new customers, be trusted and have a respectable reputation, you must be present online.