Brochure design and marketing

The brochure design is one of the oldest but still functional marketing tool. Even in the digital era, brochures are still in use for promoting companies, services and products. There are multiple type of brochure format, from the typical three-fold till custom fold layout, but every brochure is designed for a specific target. Oftentimes you can see a brochure or flyer during events, near a point of purchase, like cashiers and counters, where they can attract attention from people and make them to grab a copy. Brochure design has to play well and requires to be attractive to your potential customers. A person that see the brochure and is looking for what you offer, most probably will contact you. Great tool to promote and make people notice your business.

Digital design and online use

Probably you were thinking that a brochure design can be only printed, therefore you would not be able to show it online. Nowadays one of the main needs for a digital marketing, is to show digital contents. The brochure design can be also exported in a format file to be displayed online, whether is your company website or your social network. What is designed to be printed, can be converted for the internet use, bringing authenticity to your brand.

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