What is a logo design

The logo design is the face of the company, it is the graphic mark or symbol that customers associate to your business, service, product. It helps to distinguish your brand in the market and make your consumers to easily recognize you from your competitors. The logo design is the main element that assemble your brand together with the coordinate visual identity of the company, every element designed to represent your brand must follow the style and the guidelines of the logo design. See an example from Apple and Nike, they are represented by a simple visual sign that every consumer can recognize the business even without reading the company name, and they will always distinguish from thousands of other different logo.

Why you need a logo design

To represent your company at the best, a logo design is a must. You need a symbol or emblem that will help your business to be recognized in the market by your consumers. A logo design has to be applied in a specific and strong brand strategy of visual communication that makes you stand out to deliver a message. With a logo design you can build your brand and communicate your professionalism, evoke trust and assurance to your potential customers.

Benefits of a professional logo design

The creative process of a logo design is complicated and requires a wide knowledge in terms of design rules, visual communication, geometry and also psychology. In order to bring your business to the next level, and acquire trust from your audience, what you need is to hire a professional logo designer that will be able to make the shape of your corporate visual identity in order to get benefits form it.

With a professional logo design you will have benefits to boost your business:

Brand Recognition

The logo is the first element that people notice about your company. If you have an effective and memorable logo representing your business, then it’s easier to stick it in people mind and let them remember about you.

Stand out from competitors

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Show your personality

Your business can be attractive to your consumer. For instance if you play well with bright colors or using a mascotte as a logomark you can show innovation and originality.

Inform customers

Not a must but there are several cases when the logo design can represent the field where the company is involved, for example a wrench for autoservice, a cupcake for pastry shop,… This is a quick input that people get after seeing your logo.

Potential marketing

Logo design can be a displayed everywhere, both on printing materials and in digital format. Consumers will see it instead of seeing only your business name. It plays an important role, pleople will remember easily the graphic element instead of an anonymous name.

Examples of logo design

Few example of logo design for different businesses and startups that I have created in the past.

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