Why you need a menu design

If you own a restaurant, bar or club you probably know what we are talking about. Menu design is an essential tool to show the products you offer to your customers. It is the first thing that a customer asks after sitting at the table or coming to the bar. Customers want to know at first what your restaurant or bar can offer, see the ingredients of the products, check the prices and read other information. The menu design helps them to find what they want without asking what product is available or not, wasting time more time to you or to your employees providing a full consultation for every item.

Benefits of a professional menu design

The menu design is on top of the main priorities of a restaurant or bar. If you want to stand out and provide the best quality of service to your customer, the menu plays an important role and cannot be overrated. Its design must reflect your brand, your identity and must communicate information to the readers clearly. Oftentimes you can even judge a place by its menu, you can see and feel whether is a cheap bar or an expensive restaurant. That’s the reason you need to be helped by a professional menu designer to benefit the best from your menu.

Customer service quality

If your waiter does not bring the menu at the table, your customer will ask it immediately. Customers need attention and delivering a menu at their table connects them to you and make fell them cared of.

Save your time

A price list or menu communicates the basic information to your clients. It saves time to you or your employee instead of describing every product, every ingredient and every price.


Unlike a physical paper, the menu design can be used both in printing and digital format. A digital design can be shared to your audience in your website or in the social networks. Also, can contain periodical promotions and discounts to attract more customers and boost your sales.

Looks professional

Imagine to be your customer. You go in your place and there is no menu available to consult. What would you think? Yes, the menu gives a professional touch, it means take care of customers and gives to them what they need.

Add value to your business

Same as above. Home printed sheet or professional menu design? Your customers feels when you have a cheap home-made design instead of a great looking and functional menu design. Hiring a professional menu designer gives value as it felt that you have invested in every detail.

Examples of menu design

Few examples of a menu design that I have created for previous projects.

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